3D Printed PPE

A Houston based effort to provide 3D printed protective equipment to help serve our community's needs.

Houston Based Manufacturing

Our Origin

We are a manufacturer and supplier of custom silicone and Tyvek® wristbands. Our focus has always been to help people advocate for their causes in the community. When we saw that the need for protective products had out paced the production capacity we moved quickly to spin up our 3D printing efforts.


Our Community

We are committed to providing for those in our community who don't have the means to acquire equipment they need. To that end, we are donating 10,000 face shields to the efforts of TXRX as they work tirelessly to provide for the Houston community.


Our Purpose

We're not here to get rich. We're here to help you protect yourself. For your safety, only designs that have been reviewed will ever appear on this site. And we will continue to operate at the lowest sustainable margins to ensure that our community has access to the protection they require.

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Helping Others

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Just Getting Started